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Your Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mothers before Mother’s Day are just how girlfriends are to their boyfriends just before valentine day. No Darling, honestly, I don’t need anything. Don’t worry about getting me a present and wasting your money, I really don’t need anything at all. It…

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Why I’m So Over Being The “Cool Girl” When It Comes To Relationships


My twenties has taught me a lot of things. Don’t hook up with people who work in your office – it will never stay a secret. It’s absolutely acceptable to eat pizza you put in the bin if you’re too hungover to…

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How (And Why) I Quit My Job To Be A Full-Time Blogger


Happy Anniversary to me! No, I’m not married obviously. But this past week marked one year since I spent my first week full-time blogging. 1st February 2017 was the official first day of working for myself as a full-time boss-lady thing. But…

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3 Reasons Why Denim Is Your Best Friend


This post was created in collaboration with New Look Jeans – they’re the sartorial equivalent of the love of your life. Reliable. Trustworthy. Always there on a rainy day and has your back (or bum) when you’re struggling to think of an…

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My Honest Thoughts On Becoming an “Instagrammer” rather than a Blogger


It didn’t take long for me to fail one of my New Years goals/ resolutions. Blog twice a week. It didn’t take long at all – in fact, I think I failed in the second week. All of you who hate on…

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Is My Life Turning In To One Big #AD ?


I’ve recently considered changing my name to Sophie #AD Milner. Has a ring to it, don’t you think? Only joking. Of course. But it feels pretty accurate. For most of December, and the best part of November, I basically felt like a…

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