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Why I’m Not Setting Any Major Goals for 2019


Every year I set goals. And a lot of people have already said “what do you want to achieve in 2019?” my answer: “to have less breakdowns” It’s your typical #jokingnotjoking mental health comment that you say so deadpan, followed up with an…

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The Problems With Dating In The Tinder Age


We’ve just made it through engagement season. We have survived! I’ve doubled-tapped photos. I’ve typed OMG CONGRATS GUYS!!!! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed assessing peoples engagement rings. And I have actually admired the creativity behind the influx of engagement announcement photos that have flooded…

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Self-Reflection and the Emotional Struggs of Christmas


  I’ve featured approximately 14 Christmas trees on my IG feed. I’ve streamed Ariana Grande’s Santa Tell Me at least 5678 times since November 25th. I’ve bought 3 new Christmas jumpers. I’ve been to almost every pop up winter market London has…

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The Only Gifts I Want Under My Tree This Year


Sponsored by Missoma This has to be the worst kept secret in gifting, but when it comes to presents, Missoma will never fail to hit the mark. I’m not sure what your techniques for buying are – buy early and get your…

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The Weekly Need To Know: Will Insta Kill Christmas? And Being Petty.


  Hello! It’s the weekly need to know – with everything from christmas, to me being a petty little wench, and everything on the high st and beyond that I want to commit an armed robbery to obtain.   Will Instagram Kill…

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Thank u next, Am I an Inconvenient Woman? and Feeling Happy Again.


Happy Monday Morning! It’s been a while since I’ve written a weekly blog update of what’s been going on IRL this week, but the reasons behind that will be explained further down in this post. So this post is all about thank…

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