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Going Sober for October and Dissecting my Relationship With Alcohol


Hey, guess what? It’s Sunday, and I’m writing my weekly roundup post and I am NOT HUNGOVER! Why, you ask? Because I’m going Sober for October. I’m only focusing on one thing this week as it’s a bit of a heavier topic.…

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Instagram vs Reality, and Believing in Yourself Even When Those Above You Don’t


  It’s Sunday which means one thing and one thing only: it’s my weekly roundup blog post! I know I’ve been letting these take the reigns over my main and meatier blog posts but I’m hoping to change things up in the…

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It’s Not A Compliment, Standing up for yourself, and Finding Strength After A Difficult Summer


Sorry I haven’t done one of these weekly update posts in a while! I had plenty of things to write about, but no photos and a serious lack of time. But here we are, with a dispatch on wtf has been going…

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Trash Tabloids, Lip Fillers (again) and Taking Control of My Anxiety


Today’s Sunday set up for this weekly round up: it’s 6:45am at the time of writing, I only got to sleep a few hours ago (that’ll be the effect of the espresso martinis) and I’m eating my reheated katsu curry bowl and…

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What Makes You Happy, Eyelash Extensions, and Free STI Testing Kits!


Happy Sunday! I’m back with another 3 things that have been on my mind this week. It’s been a bit of an odd one – I’ve been putting jokey memes up left right and centre about the state of my mental health…

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How You Can Reap The Rewards of Recycling This Summer


Landfills, marine litter, and for the LOVE OF GOD WE MUST SAVE THE TURTLES! If 2018 has brought us one thing, it’s been a serious discussion and greater awareness around plastics and our consumption of them. Mindlessly consuming and disposing of them has…

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