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My Honest Thoughts On Becoming an “Instagrammer” rather than a Blogger

It didn’t take long for me to fail one of my New Years goals/ resolutions. Blog twice a week. It didn’t take long at all – in fact, I think I failed in the second week. All of you who hate on…

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Is My Life Turning In To One Big #AD ?

I’ve recently considered changing my name to Sophie #AD Milner. Has a ring to it, don’t you think? Only joking. Of course. But it feels pretty accurate. For most of December, and the best part of November, I basically felt like a…

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My Goals And Resolutions For 2018

I love the start of a new year and the promise it brings. I hate the kind of people who are so anti it. You know the types – who profusely take the piss out of the “new year new me” types.…

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Embracing New Styles for 2018 (And Being Late To The Party…)

Being late to a party is usually considered the fashionable thing. You know, the whole “fashionably late!” thing – make an entrance, yada yada. But I think this is possibly the only instance where I’m late and it’s totally and utterly unfashionable.…

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2017 – The Highs, Lows, Heartbreaks and Laughter

Hello 2018! A few days ago someone tweeted “quote this tweet with your top 3 personal accomplishments this year” – and of course I wanted to jump on the whole blow-your-own-horn-bandwagon! 1) quit my job and went full time blogging 2) renting…

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Why Do I Turn Into A Child When I’m Home For Christmas?

I’m in my twenties. I live in another city – in fact, the bloody capital city of this country. I rent a 2 bed flat alone, paid all the deposit money myself (for the first time ever) and last night I started…

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