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Using Instagram Captions to Boost Engagement and Grow a Loyal Following


Remember when the short, snappy Instagram caption was the thing? It was the “cool girl” equivalent of the social mediasphere. The shorter, wittier, and snappier the caption, the more lolz you were. But things have certainly changed. More and more influencers and social media…

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Escaping The Everyday with Chloé Nomade


  What kind of woman are you? It’s a question we all tend to get a little stuck on – throughout our teen years, changing from being a girl, to a woman (although I still feel like a girl part of the…

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Why I Stopped Writing, and Why I Struggle To Be Taken Seriously as an “Influencer”


Hey. Remember me? I used to write sassy blog posts about #relatable shit that mattered, with a bit of style inspo thrown in for good measure. I set myself a New Year’s Resolution to blog twice weekly, and like tradition with all…

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Spring Style Is Here (FINALLY!)


Can we all do a collective sigh of relief please? After months, and months and months (and what feels like years, if we’re being honest) it has been freezing, snowing, cold, windy, and let’s not forget that time recently where it rained…

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My Unfiltered Thoughts on “Copycat” Culture On Instagram…


  Copycat culture – it’s something a lot of people have been talking about lately, the conversation spanning all scales. From photoshopping your face onto the pictures of others to post on your own Instagram account (weird), to copying full outfits and…

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PMS, Pizza Cravings, and Periods – Your Cycle Matters


If I told you all of the ridiculous things I’d done because of PMS we’d be here until we both hit menopause. But every month it usually goes a little along these lines I am so bloated. And I am so so…

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