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Please Don’t Call Me Bitch.


I was asked dating advice during a Q&A on Instagram lately. Not a totally unusual thing (although it probably should be seeing as my dating life resembles a dry barren desert) They said that they wanted to “have high standards” like me,…

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The Weekly Need To Know: Grabbing Joy By The Balls


I’m going to put it out there before I get to the good happy stuff: it’s been a really shitty week – in the news, and in general for me. I won’t bore you with the boring details of why I’m feeling…

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Weekly Update: Have You Ever Cried In Public?


Crying in public is never fun. Have you ever seen anyone do it? Apart from in the women’s toilets in a club on Friday night, I mean (because we’ve all seen that plenty) When somebody is crying when they’re alone it’s a…

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Getting Over My Cellulite


I have a habit of living in denial and pretending things don’t exist in the hope that they will just… well… just stop existing. If I don’t acknowledge it, then it doesn’t exist, right? Like the spider that’s been living in the…

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Fuck Being “Bikini Body Ready”


I have just booked flights to Bali. I fly out on Wednesday. Which is just three nights away. Only for one week – but it’s a week in the sunshine and warmth and absolute paradise (depending where you go, anyway…) It’s probably…

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Why I’m Actually Really Proud To Be A Female Influencer


Some of you will know all too well I’ve struggled finding self-worth and value in my role as an influencer.  Yes, I managed to type that and ignore the urge to add quote marks or “~” marks around it to denote the…

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