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The Weekly Need To Know: Grabbing Joy By The Balls


I’m going to put it out there before I get to the good happy stuff: it’s been a really shitty week – in the news, and in general for me. I won’t bore you with the boring details of why I’m feeling…

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Weekly Update: Have You Ever Cried In Public?


Crying in public is never fun. Have you ever seen anyone do it? Apart from in the women’s toilets in a club on Friday night, I mean (because we’ve all seen that plenty) When somebody is crying when they’re alone it’s a…

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Getting Over My Cellulite


I have a habit of living in denial and pretending things don’t exist in the hope that they will just… well… just stop existing. If I don’t acknowledge it, then it doesn’t exist, right? Like the spider that’s been living in the…

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Fuck Being “Bikini Body Ready”


I have just booked flights to Bali. I fly out on Wednesday. Which is just three nights away. Only for one week – but it’s a week in the sunshine and warmth and absolute paradise (depending where you go, anyway…) It’s probably…

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Why I’m Actually Really Proud To Be A Female Influencer


Some of you will know all too well I’ve struggled finding self-worth and value in my role as an influencer.  Yes, I managed to type that and ignore the urge to add quote marks or “~” marks around it to denote the…

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Why Is My Mum So Desperate For Me To Get A Boyfriend? and #DontFearTheSmear


Hello! It’s my weekly roundup blog post and instead of going on about the really long CMA guidelines that have been set out for influencers and celebrities, I’m going to talk about the other things that have been going on in my…

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