If you are interested with working with Sophie at Fashion Slave please feel free to get in touch! 

I love hearing from new and exciting brands – I charge different prices depending on the type of work required, so if you are interested in brand collaborations, sponsored posts, and other opportunities, please email me at for a copy of my media kit and to discuss prices, or you can download my media kit here.

Please read the below Disclaimer about working with Fashion Slave.


As of October 2015 all items gifted on this blog will be marked with c/o (courtesy of) the brand gifted by. 
Any paid sponsored posts will be noted as an advertisement or sponsorship in italics at the bottom or top of the blog post.

Product Reviews
Whilst I love working with brands, I am very selective with the companies that I work with and choose to represent across my blog. I will be 100% honest about products sent to me – if I do not like a product then I will not post about it or I will just write a completely honest post about my views on it.

Sponsored Posts
Having two journalism degrees and working as a fashion writer outside of my blog, writing is a very important part of my life. Therefore I will not post pre-written articles from companies as part of a sponsored post. As for other sponsored posts, because they are a form of advertisement, the prices will vary depending on the work required to go into them.

Review Timescale
I work full time Monday-Friday, and schedule all posts for the upcoming weeks over the weekend. Therefore when it comes to collaborations for fashion outfit posts, the turnaround for publishing will usually be a minimum of two weeks, apart from special circumstances. The same goes for any beauty products.

Videos take longer for editing, but turnaround will still be around the same.

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