The Only Piece Of Clothing You Need To Look Cool

I’ve written before about my lack of coolness. How that now I’ve grown up a bit, I’ve totally embraced the fact that I’m not cool (despite my online presentation being somewhat a bit different). Emily from Style Lobster wrote a post recently about how she’d never be the “cool girl blogger” and in it actually mentioned me being cool and I about died. It’s a word that I’d never usually associate myself without the prefix “un”. But one thing that will always be your ticket to straight-up coolness is the biker jacket.

James Dean. The T-Birds. Joan Jett. Debbie Harry. Models off-duty running between shows during fashion week. Worn slung over your shoulders, shrugged down your arms, or, well, I guess worn properly, the biker jacket is most certainly the closest you’ll get to a real life tangible embodiment of the je ne sais qoi that is coolness. 
They’re so popular, you can grab one from just about anywhere. But the key to the coolness lies in the quality. This particular Superdry iteration is crafted from the softest leather with a slightly boxier fit for a seriously rock n roll vibe. And the pockets! It sounds utterly bizarre, but they’re great. It’s not the depth, but the way they feel. Any with the upcoming winter season, anything with a decent pocket is always a good investment. 

Speaking of investment, it’s why a quality one matters. Remember when Vogue said bomber jackets were the new biker? And that everyone should get rid of their bikers with immediate effect? Yeah, that was like five years ago, and the simple leather biker is going stronger than ever – and that’s why they never ever go out of style. So investing in a quality one will mean it’ll last you season on season without falling to pieces. 
Oh, and of course, back to where I started, it’ll always always always guarantee you look at least 60% cooler than you actually are. 
You can check out Superdry’s jackets here! 

This post was created in collaboration with Superdry

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6 responses to “The Only Piece Of Clothing You Need To Look Cool”

  1. Luci Cee says:

    Very true! Every girl should have one. I had mine “fake” leather for almost ten years. And when it finally started fall apart I cried my eyes out. I had to buy a new within two weeks, cannot imagine my wardrobe without it! Also, absolutely love your jumper btw!

  2. Natali Karppinen says:

    Your jacket and bag are superb and leather jacket like this one is in general one of 10 must have items in every girls' closet.

  3. Sora says:

    I agree so much! I actually got my first one earlier this week and I can't wait to wear it! 😀

    Sora |

  4. Lauren Maria says:

    Totally agree, always have been and always will be cool! This one from superfry is Fab

  5. Leanne Marshall says:

    I think you are ridiculously cool….. Im the definition of un-cool!I do agree, a leather biker is a wardrobe staple and really cool!
    Leanne |

  6. Rosie Urry says:

    Couldn't agree more! Leather jackets are the epitome of cool!

    Rosie |

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