Styling A Shirt The Fashion Girl Way

Something weird is happening in fashion. It would appear as though the trend pool is in the midst of a sartorial drought, and we’re getting so desperate for something new and exciting that we’ve resorted to wearing every day wardrobe basics in weird ways that make non-fashion people think “u ok hun?” – And I’m kind of liking it.

It all starts with a simple shirt. Take the whole wearing your shirt backwards phenomenon that hit the style set last fashion week. I’ve already addressed how I tried that one out, failing miserably, the result looking somewhat more like hospital-patient-about-to-go-into-surgery-chic than trendsetting fashion gal. But it seems that the moral of the spring/summer 16 story is that if at first you don’t succeed in looking good wearing your shirt weirdly, tie and tie it again (until you do.) 

Man Repeller lead the way with repurposing the old button down shirt, not just once, but twice. So after failing miserably doing the reverse-shirt, I thought I’d attempt it with the neckline du jour – off the shoulder. And the result wasn’t quite as horrific as I had expected. In fact, it was kind of great. It had a certain air about it, steeped in the laid-back sexiness of “yeah I just ran out of my sexy French boyfriend’s flat to pick up some croissants and coffee.” Apart from I don’t have a sexy French boyfriend and probably never will. And that’s fine. That doesn’t matter. Because when I’m wearing my shirt like this, I could probably tell you that I do and you’d believe me. No? Or should I say, non?

It works better with really oversized shirts, so if you have a boyfriend, raid that wardrobe now! If you don’t, get swiping hard on Tinder. Only joking, independent ladies, I’ve linked the best oversized shirts for you anyway.

Photography by Rebecca Spencer 

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6 responses to “Styling A Shirt The Fashion Girl Way”

  1. Steph says:

    I feel like my nan would tell me I look a mess if I did this, but I would like to think my fashion-y friends would find me the epitome of chic. I have a Topshop voucher headed straight for this shirt, go on girl, you look fab 🙌

  2. ellie cawte says:

    Adore this look! You pull it off insanely well, I genuinely think people would just look at me weirdly as if I'm unable to dress myself properly! So tempted to borrow (steal) one of my boyfriend's shirts and give it a whirl though! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  3. valzapa says:

    I saw this bag in Zara – it's so stunning….heavy, sturdy… it! love the jeans too!!! ripped everything forever! 😀

  4. Natali says:

    So sensual and cool, minimalistic and boyish, all at the same time! Great outfit!

  5. Charlotte Lewis Lurchhoundloves says:

    Love how relaxed, cool and masculine these vibes are babe xx

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