How To Style A Slip Dress & A T-Shirt

How to style a slip dress and a T-shirt, aka, how to style a slip dress on larger boobs, the sequel.

How to style a slip dress and a T-shirt, aka, how to style a slip dress on larger boobs, the sequel.
Basic T-shirts make up a huge percentage of our style diet. They are the bread to our sartorial butter – unless you’re not eating carbs in which case you’re probably a little sad, hungry, and might need to go shopping for some staple tees (and a loaf of Hovis.) You can try operate your wardrobe without a hefty collection of them, but you keep going back to them because they’re so soft, easy to work with, and taste so good… I mean, look so good. Am I talking about T-shirts or bread anymore? I can’t remember.

Then of course comes the slip dress. She’s like your sexy best friend. Your sexy best friend who encourages you to dance real sexy when Beyoncé comes on in the club just because you can, and stay out for just one more drink that turns into 7 and an Uber ride via McDonalds Drive Thru. Sexy! But sometimes she’s so sexy it’s a whole new level and you’re a bit like, tone it down Tina.

So let’s tone down Tina – I mean, this slip dress – by throwing it on with a basic t-shirt. The humble breton tee strikes a chord in any girl’s wardrobe because it truly is the pinnacle of seasonless style. It looks perfect with skirts, tailoring, jeans, denim shorts, denim anything, therefore makes the tryst-worthy slip feel far more everyday and office apropos. A plain white T-shirt nails the best of 90s glam-grunge, whereas subtle stripes have a slightly more air of Parisian sophistication about it. Ooh la la indeed.

Follow? No, I don’t really either. All I know is I have a huge craving for shopping and a sandwich.

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4 responses to “How To Style A Slip Dress & A T-Shirt”

  1. ellie cawte says:

    Adore how you've styled this, the pop of colour on your lips and shoes is so perfect! I can't get enough of your style and your writing! x

    ellie etc | a personal style & lifestyle blog

  2. Lizzy Hadfield says:

    You look so so fab lovely! I loveee those shoes !

  3. Claire Wakefield says:

    In love with this outfit – casual and stylish. Looks great on you. 🙂 xx

  4. Grace Bee says:

    This outfit is gorgeous and I really love the style of the photos in this post!

    Grace xx

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