From Bedroom to Bar (To Bedroom, Again…)

Pyjamas have become a little sassy. No longer the frumpy things you throw on as soon as you get through the door on a Monday night – accessorising with a bottle of pinot and access all areas to the Sky remote – they’ve gone all boudoir glamorous, reminiscent of femme fatales circa 1920s. Baggy tartan? No. Shapeless grey jersey? No. Minnie Mouse print? Hell no! It’s go hard or go home, in silk, satin, and chiffon. And it seems pyjamas are sleepwalking out of the bedroom right into our everyday wardrobes, daring to be worn to brunches, bars, and boardrooms alike. But if you’re taking the uniform of the night right into your waking hours, you have to opt for luxurious and glamorous styles – think Olivia von Halle on a budget. I’ll be wasting no sleep come Friday morning when I need to pick out the perfect outfit to take me from desk til drinks avec friends in the evening. Why so? I’ll already be wearing the perfect (pyjama) top. Just add some frayed denim and heels (and maybe a shower in between…) 

 The funny thing is, we may be taking cutesy pictures of us in our sleepover-club worthy jammies but who actually wears them to bed? Sleeping naked. In pants. In a grubby old T-shirt. But actual pyjamas? Oh no. You just get entwined within layers of fabric. 
Pyjama dressing doesn’t stop with the silky touch of satin shirts – you can do it with trousers too. Invest in a luxurious pair of louche, wide-leg pyjamas and you can easily pair the bottom half with a slinky cami and blazer for office apropos or date night delights. 
There ain’t no rest for the wicked when you’re wearing pyjamas from dusk til dawn…

Photography by Rebecca Spencer

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3 responses to “From Bedroom to Bar (To Bedroom, Again…)”

  1. Jazzie says:

    Frayed hems, eyelets and a pyjama shirt – you've basically created my favourite outfit. Love!

    Jazzria x

  2. valzapa says:

    love this outfit!!!! beautiful location! your flowy hair is gorgeous! <3

  3. Nicole says:

    Love this look, I really want to get a shirt like that xx

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