New Year’s Eve Party Style

New Year’s Eve, forever causing a sizeable amount of fear and panic amongst women who know (and don’t know, for that matter) how to dress. It’s the same old issues I drew up before for the festive season: what’s the dress code? Are we going all out? Are we going casual? Do I go sexy or cool? Is it too late to find the perfect balance of sexy-cool? Who knows. I certainly don’t. But for one last time of the year, I think it calls for indulging in the highest level of glitz, glamour, and if anything, drama, to end 2015 on a big sparkly high, before plummeting into a January full of refined foods, refined clothes, and detoxed minimalism (and lots and lots of kale smoothies…)This year I’ll be reigning in the celebrations on a beach in Thailand, so there’s no real opportunity to get entirely dolled up (bodycon chainmail and high heels aren’t particularly sand and sea-friendly) but luckily due to my social life receiving an unexpected comeback, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get dressed up in Topshop’s party collection. I rarely opt for figure-skimming, spaghetti strap styles, opting to cloak my curves in, well, cloak-like outfits. So choosing a metallic pink body-slicking slip dress is a far cry from my usual comfort zones (perhaps erring a little too close into a noughties revival territory?) But like I said, it’s New Year’s, so why not let go and push the boundaries a bit? A bit of sugar pink sparkle can’t hurt. All items c/o Topshop 

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6 responses to “New Year’s Eve Party Style”

  1. Kylie L says:

    Such a gorgeous look, you look amazing!

  2. Natali says:

    You look breathtaking, so elegant and feminine!

  3. Blvck Bee says:

    What a beauty!

    Agnes x

  4. Adele Miner says:

    This is amazing, you look so gorgeous! i'm going shopping this week to try find the perfect nye outfit now! x

  5. Lizzy Hadfield says:

    Another incredible outfit! That dress is just stunning!

    Shot From The Street

  6. Laura Rogan says:

    You look amaaaazing! Absolutely love the dress on you – hope you had a lovely christmas! P.s super jel of you in Thailand right now.
    The Fashion Wonderland

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