The Power of Sassy Heels

Poor old Cinderella. Turned into a cleaning wench by her evil Stepmother and ratchet fugly sisters. Scraped back hair, peasant dresses galore (and not chic Chloe way) and covered in dirt 24/7. Life wasn’t good, until the fairy godmother waved her magic wand, reinventing dear Cinders into an absolute goddess, thanks to a gilded carriage, stunning gown, and of course, a pair sparkling, resplendent, glass heels. Those glittering crystal slippers were the key to her transformation, from dusty Cinders to a woman of Princess status. Of course, we don’t need a giant big fat gypsy wedding ball gown or a Katie price carriage for our fairy tale finish, we just need a pair of heels to give us that magic aura.

Heels are about transformation. It’s ingrained within us all throughout our childhood of fairy tales (although modern ones certainly wouldn’t have it like that – which is probably a good thing.) And although I happily spend 90% of my time in flats – and still feel great when I do – that remaining 10% of time spent in heels is often spent feeling far sexier, sassier, and powerful. Platform or single soled, they provide the platform for confidence. And when you’re coming in at a height of 5’3”, you’ll savour any limb-lengthening inch you can get.

Without heels, this particular look is still sharp, autumnal, and chic, yet with the addition of these vampish Topshop Ghillie courts, things become a little more supercharged. I don’t need a Prince to make me feel good, just a pair of sassy heels.

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6 responses to “The Power of Sassy Heels”

  1. Natali says:

    High heels like this pair are a must item for every woman!


  2. The Style Rawr says:

    Those heels are a thing of beauty! <3

    T x

  3. Abbie says:

    Seriously sassy heels!! Love them <3 xx

  4. Charlotte Lewis says:

    These shoes are sensational Sophie <3 I feel I would be a 6ft beast in them though but you pull them off so beautifully! xx

  5. Aishling Browne says:

    Those heels are amazing! They look so good, but I once tried them on in Topshop and could hardly stand in them! Agreed about the difference heels make though. I keep a pair under my desk for when I need them.

  6. Lucy Amelia says:

    Oh those heels are so unusual, I've never seen anything like that shape. They're absolutely gorgeous, I really like simple colour-blocked outfits and then cutouts at the feet, I think it looks so beautiful. x

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

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